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Kelowna Clean Pro

Kelowna Cleaning Services Using Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products

Kelowna Cleaning Services Using Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products
Looking for the best Eco friendly cleaning company to clean your carpet, duct, upholstery, and dryer vent in West Kelowna? You have come to the right place!

Kelowna Clean Pro helps you enhance the look of your Kelowna home through our eco-friendly cleaning services. We specialize in quality and eco friendly carpet, duct and upholstery cleaning services in Kelowna and Lake Country. For many years, our company has been providing quality and eco-friendly cleaning services to many homeowners in the Kelowna area. Over the years, our company has established a solid and trusted name in the industry.

Our commitment to provide reliable and quality services and products has made Kelowna Clean Pro one of the most trusted and recommended cleaning companies in Kelowna and Lake Country.

Why Choose Kelowna Clean Pro?

  Experienced and Reliable Carpet, Upholstery and Duct Cleaners

At Kelowna Clean Pro, we take pride in how reliable and trustworthy our cleaners are and how friendly our staff is. We value customer safety so our team of expert carpet and upholstery cleaners only provides eco-friendly cleaning services. Our team’s priority is to make your property look its best so you can impress you visitors or guests. Our cleaners are focused on every detail of your carpet, duct and upholstery. They are all very careful with all the cleaning services and only use the most appropriate and effective methods and techniques in cleaning ducts, upholstery and carpets.

✓  Effective and Eco Friendly Cleaning Products

We value our customer’s safety and care about the environment that is why our company only uses carpet, duct and upholstery cleaning products that are eco and environmentally safe, pet friendly, and will not affect the home’s air quality.

We use biodegradable and organic cleaning products with no residue. Our eco friendly cleaning product/solution is a highly efficient carpet and upholstery cleaner. A neutral pH is maintained by our carpet & upholstery cleaners in Kelowna, West Kelowna and Lake Country.

The powerful cleaning agents in this solution/product will quickly remove soils without harming carpet & upholstery. Our carpet cleaning services include a two part system of scrubbing and buffing which gets out the deep down dirt. We pre-treat all stains with a plant based enzyme then apply the all natural solution/product which has a fresh citrus scent. Next we go over the carpet with a rotary brush to loosen the deeply embedded soil and bring it to the surface. A specially treated pad is then used to extract the soil, leaving your carpet and upholstery clean, fresh smelling, and dry in about two hours. An average three bedroom home only needs about 10 to 12 litres of water for the entire house so the carpets dry much faster than traditional methods. Using less water is good for the environment, and using natural and eco friendly products is good for your family’s health. Learn more about our eco-friendly products and how ideal these products are for your cleaning needs.

  Quality and Eco-friendly Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning Equipment

Aside from our eco-friendly products, Kelowna Clean Pro also takes pride in the quality of equipment we use. All our equipment is portable, which means there are no hoses hanging out balconies or windows, no doors propped open allowing uncontrolled access to your home or building so your Kelowna and area home or office is always secure. And since we have no vehicle left running outside burning fossil fuels, it just means that we have a smaller carbon footprint.

  Reliable and Eco-Friendly Services At Affordable Price

In addition to our excellent carpet and upholstery cleaning services and eco-friendly products, many homeowners in Kelowna and area also choose us because of our rates. We want you to get quality services without burning a big hole in your pocket. That’s why we also have competitive rates for all our carpet, duct and upholstery cleaning services.

Kelowna Clean Pro also provides cleaning services for ducts, area rugs, decks, and dryer vents. We also do inline lint trap installations services in Kelowna, (add this if they cover Kelowna)West Kelowna to Lake Country. Whether you have concerns over your carpet & upholstery or ducts, make sure you contact Kelowna Clean Pro for cost effective, eco friendly and reliable services!

Feel free to browse our website to learn more about our eco-friendly products and carpet, duct and upholstery services. Call us today at 250-826-7896 and discover why Kelowna Clean Pro has been happily serving residential and commercial clients in Kelowna, West Kelowna and Lake Country for many years.