Kelowna Clean Pro Services

Residential and commercial carpet cleaning, using all natural plant based cleaning products and less moisture.

Upholstery cleaning

We still do hot water extraction to do (change do to clean) upholstery, but we do it using the very best environmentally safe, natural cleaning products available. Microfiber is our specialty, as well as all other upholstery fabrics on the market today.

Duct cleaning using the patented Rotobrush system

Dust, mould, mildew, pollen, and pet dander gathers in your central air system and the air you breathe passes over these contaminates every time your HVAC system comes on. Unlike negative air systems the Rotobrush system uses a rotating brush that scrubs the walls of your ducts as it vacuums them. As we move from the smaller branch lines to the larger main line and returns we change the brush size so that it is 2 inches larger than the height of the duct we are going through. This way the brush is always contacting and removing the debris on all sides of the duct work. Other systems simply blow the loose debris towards your furnace to be vacuumed out by the hose leading to the truck outside.

Dryer vent cleaning

Cleaning your dryer vent can increase the efficiency of your dryer and prevent a dryer fire. Thousands of homes are lost every year due to dryer fires.

Vinyl deck cleaning

We have developed a unique system for cleaning you vinyl deck using all natural cleaning products and less water. You no longer have to use a pressure washer and large volumes of water and toxic chemicals to get rid of BBQ grease and soot from your vinyl deck.

What are the advantages of using Kelowna Clean Pro?

  All natural cleaning products
  Less water used
  Faster drying time for carpets (usually 2 to 4 hours)
  All our equipment is portable so we don’t have to leave doors open causing security concerns.
  We have a smaller carbon foot print as there are no vehicles left running outside while we’re working.


Kevin Cheale of Coldwell Banker Property Management
“I’ve been working with Jim since 2005 and trust him with all my carpet cleaning needs for my 200 plus clients.”

Deb Cummins of West Kelowna
“Can you say new? That’s what I said when I saw our carpets after Jim cleaned them. They looked as good as new.”

Trish Gervais of Kelowna
“You are the best. Thanks for helping me on such short notice!”